Where to buy it

Online option

3 DAY for €3.30 (25HRK)

5 DAY for €4.70 (35HRK)

7 DAY for €6.00 (45HRK)

After purchase you will receive your Gorski kotar card in your email! You can print it out or use it as it is!
If you don't receive email in 5 minutes check your spam folder too!

Gorski kotar card is valid for period of time you have purchased your card. 3 day card = 72 hours, 5 day card = 120 hours, 7 day card = 168 hours, All listed locations on www.gorskikotarcard.com, are obligated to give discounts or deals listed on the web site. Gorski kotar card can be used more than once at the same location for the valid time. Card is valid only for a person who purchased the card - written on the back of the paper card. Electronic card types have a unique card number which is checked each time when the card is in use, to show that the card is valid.